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Saudi Arabia has announced that Eid ul Fitr will be celebrated tomorrow Monday 28th July 2014. We too in the UK shall be celebrating Eid tomorrow In Shaa Allah.

Tonight will be the last iftar of 2014 and it’s kind of emotional considering you don’t know whether you will be here next year to see Ramadan. It’s also emotional when you feel that you haven’t taken advantage of Ramadan to the best of your abilities #RamadanRegrets. Subhan’Allah May Allah have mercy on us all.

Let’s also not forget about the destitute, the sick, the ones facing hardship throughout the world. From China to Burma, to Palestine to Syria, to Somalia to the Central African Republic. All across the world. Please keep them in your du’a.

May we get to meet again next Ramadan In Shaa Allah.

Sorry Palestine

I’m sorry to all those people in Palestine. I’m sorry that my government, the UK government is full of scum bags. I’m sorry that they support Zionism and the terrorist state of Israel. I’m sorry that they support the killing of your men women and babies. I’m sorry that they are not helping you.

I can assure you one thing, the people are with you.

My du’as are with you.

This is the month that we should really seek to improve ourselves. To drop those bad habits. If we can’t do it this month then when exactly will we be able to?